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Terms of Use

Subscription instruction
How to buy a product

In order to purchase the placed products, it is necessary to go through authorization (authorization / registration)


Follow the instructions below to register on the Bhasayoga website:
  1. To register on the site, click on the button – Login in the top right menu.
  2. In the registration field, fill in the information provided and click the Register button
  3. Upon successful completion of the registration, you will receive the following message You have successfully registered!
Registration is completed by following the link provided in the email notification.


Follow the instructions below to log in to the Bhasayoga site:
  1. To log in to the site, click the button – Login in the top right menu.
  2. Enter the username and password you provided during registration
  3. Press the Login button
You have successfully logged in!

Purchase Instruction

Search for the desired course in the category Lessons
Click the buy button
Fill in the given information fields
Select the payment method and click Continue
Enter the information about the card and press the button – Next
Wait for the following transaction confirmation:
You have successfully purchased the product!

good luck!